Universe Babalú

The Studio

Instalaciones y equipamiento técnico

Staying technologically updated allows us to develop our work meeting the highest expectations and market demands, always seeking to provide the best quality and efficiency.

We have two interconnected locations with 4 and 5 recording and editing rooms, with four more rooms coming soon. Three exclusive 5.1 and 7 mixing rooms, production and subtitling offices, machine rooms, communications, areas for the actors, areas for auxiliary services, direction room, etc.

Here you can find some references of our systems and equipment:

Digital Recording and Mixing Rooms

ProTools software

Digital platforms Apple M2, 4k

Control surfaces



Neumann Microphones

Behringer audio monitoring

Yamaha audio monitoring

Video monitoring 27”, 75”

Audio mixing

ProTools software

Mac Studio M2 32-core, 4k



Plugg-ins, Revers, Effects, Compressors, Noise Reductors, Moduldores, Equalizers, Finishers (Speakerphone, Tl-Space, Focusrite, Maxim, Moogerfooger, Waves, TC-Electronics, etc.)

Digital music libraries (KPM, Music House, Kosinus, Megatrax, Selected Sound, Carlin, Dedgood, Focus, Videohelper, Juice Music, The Sound Effects, etc.)

Machines, postproduction, general services

Digital platform Apple Mac PRO Intel Core i7 (captures)

Digital platform Apple Mac Intel Core i7 (editing and format changes)


Adobe Premiere

Final Cut Pro

Windows Server

10Gb Fibre Internet

1Gb Fibre Internet

1Gb Fibre Internet

Ethernet Cat. 5e

Ethernet Cat. 7

Fortinet (Firewall Cyberprotection) Sequo SNS certificate