The strictly selected team of great, committed professionals, along with the latest digital resources allow us to carry out the recording, the audio mixing, the editing process, and to meet all the post-production needs, as well as the subtitling of any audiovisual production. The human element is our trademark, as it is key in every work we do. We are committed to make all the works unique.

Our machines always work at the service of the creativity of our professionals, the company’s best asset. The quality of our results is possible due to their efforts, that allow us to attain maximum satisfaction and meet the highest demands.

We provide voice recording services for dubbing, voice-over, sound and marketing, among others, in different languages and with different national and international partners. Throughout the years, we have been widening our expertise, an expertise that has made us gain an important recognition.

We constantly strive to achieve the highest quality. We explore the range of nuances that make our proposals unique.

Direction, Recording, Editing, Supervision

In Babalú Studios we offer a fully personalized service in each project. With a previous analysis of the project, a careful selection of professionals and a coordinated development of all the elements, we respond to the customer needs, at every stage of the process or in the complete execution of it.

The studio

Equipo e instalaciones

Facilities and machines devoted to highlight the talent of people.

In Babalú Studios we combine technical quality and the latest technologies in order to show the human quality, thus resulting in works full of emotion and credibility.

We have the equipment, the process design and the advancements needed to obtain the best results.

Equipo Babalú

Humility, work, dialogue and respect are core values that we never forget.

The human team is the most valuable asset in Babalú Studios. Thanks to our expertise, the lines we draw are becoming increasingly straighter, as we work honestly and rigorously hand in hand with our customers, suppliers and collaborators.

The voice you need

The voices you need for your next project, the nuances you want, the characteristics you are looking for, can be found in our catalogue of voices. Local, national and foreign voices, tailored to your requirements.