Babalú Studios Academy is the Dubbing School

Since 2009 we train and refine new voices, and we do it from a real sound and dubbing studio that works with the largest content creation companies.

Escuela de Doblaje de Galicia

Learning how to use our voice correctly

The dubbing process is complex as it requires knowledge on how to use and modulate our voice. Our voice is a tool we have at our disposal and knowing how to use it can change everything we say. The use of our voice can have an impact on our personal relationships, on our self-confidence and our self-esteem.

As what concerns the process of professional locution, the voice is key for the credibility of the scene, it will impact on the marketing message, on the correct use of the cadence, on the details of a sigh, on the emission, the tone and the voice projection in different auditoriums, the care of the vocal instrument, the discovery of tessituras and ranges, of unique harmonics, of colours, of our resonators, of interpretive rhythms… among others.

Dubbing and Sound course

Our Dubbing and Sound course will train you as a male of female voice actor. This course takes place during the academic year, from October to June. It lasts 120 hours, with more than a 90% of practical training.

Haven’t you decided yet? Stay tuned as we will tell you a few more things about it!

  • More than a 90% of practical training

  • Specific training given by experienced professionals in the field

  • Job opportunities in: TV, cinema, video, marketing, corporate communication, documentaries, cultural content, social networks, animation, videogames, etc…
  • High labour demand
  • Professional opportunities and personal development
  • A career without limits: all kinds of oral registers are needed, regardless of sex and age

Become a professional broadcaster with Babalú Studios Academy

Your voice is your work tool,
do you want to train it in Babalú Studios Academy?

Formación escuela Babalú

In our Dubbing course, you will learn how to use your voice as a professional, and it will open up new job opportunities. Our course offers a 120-hours training program in which we will teach you everything you need to know to become a female or male voice actor.

You will develop in the audiovisual and creative sector, your voice will become your work tool, and you will learn how to use it, how to take care of it and how to modulate it to convey emotions and so much more!

This course allows you to understand and take care of your vocal tract, as well as to learn how to control your breathing to talk, recite, sing or act. This course is ideal to develop your self-control and your self-esteem, abilities that are essential to speak in public.