Dubbing and Sound

People committed to achieving the best quality, the latest equipment and defined processes to enhance the brilliance that will make our productions stand out.

Dubbing recording

‘Playing the violin while riding a bike.’.

Juan R. Guisán, (renowned actor and pioneer in our industry), was certainly right. The artistic creation develops along with technologies and processes, but without losing the unique essence of the artisans, reflected in the results of their artwork.

In Babalú Studios we have the latest equipment, process design and technical advancements in order to enhance the brilliance that will define our recording, dubbing, sound, localization and marketing productions, among others.

Our credibility goes hand in hand with the emotions of the people who take part in a dubbing session. We can buy machines, apps and resources, but the nuances of a phrase delivered in a scene are the results of the human, personal, unique, fleeting, and fresh talent, hardly noticeable at times, but yet, generous and unrepeatable.

Babalú Studios, a company founded in 2007 by professionals of more than 40 years of great prestige in the industry.

Babalú Studios Academy
Dubbing School

Babalú Studios is the dubbing school where you can learn how to use the most complex instrument that we, human beings, have: Our Voice.

In our courses, you can get the most out of your Voice and become a male or female Voice Actor. You will gain skills to work in multiple sectors, aside from the audiovisual one, being able to control your voice, that will become your work tool.

Voice Auditions

Babalú Studios has a great variety of Voices.
Discover them and find what you need for your sound project.

Babalú Universe

About Us

Sobre nosotros Babalú

Babalú Studios has many years of experience and has worked on a great deal of projects of recognized success in the audiovisual industry. All of this thanks to our human team, a hardworking, committed team with great capacity to achieve excellence in each project.


Proyectos realizados Babalú

Since our beginnings, we have worked with many national and international companies, in multiple dubbing projects of feature films, series, documentaries, as well as sound, localization, multimedia, subtitling and audio description projects, among others.


Instalaciones y equipamiento Babalú

We keep our equipment and facilities updated in order to provide the best results, as well as the best quality, flexibility and efficiency, so as to satisfy the highest demands.

Talk later?

For further information, to request a quote or in case you are interested in the training services of our Babalú Studios Academy, please do not hesitate to contact us.